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Coordination of streams of oil in system provides rational satisfaction of demands of consignors in real time, including changes of routes, expeditious updating of schedules, transfer of debt in deliveries in time. It demands quick a soglasovaiya of the modes of reception and supply of oil on a great number of consumers and suppliers and the subsequent verification of executive balances.

Terminal points which oil refineries (oil refinery) usually are; if at the end of the pipeline there is a group of plants, construct distributive oil depot on which oil is considered, stored and distributed between plants.

The increase in expenses under this article is caused by a number of the objective reasons, the main them which are: accumulation of volumes of capital repairs of linear part of the main oil pipelines with replacement of isolation and pipes in the conditions of sharp increase in prices for installation and construction works.

On the head constructions consisting of head pump station where there is a collecting and accumulation of oil and the oil products intended for further transportation through the main pipeline, and the bringing pipelines on which oil from trade in tanks of head pump station is pumped over.

on UMN - planned costs of oil transport, the average number of workers, reserves of materials and the equipment, existence (lack of receivables, implementation of the plan for input of fixed assets, use of means.

Labor productivity increase by the advancing rates in comparison with growth of a salary by comprehensive improvement of production, application of rational forms of material stimulation of workers;

on RMZ - implementation of the plan of production and rendering services, average number of workers, existence (absence of claims for products, existence (lack of overdue receivables, reserves of materials and the equipment.

Thus, the scheme of commercial streams defines the purposes and the program of functioning of a network of oil pipelines in the aggregated gross indicators, and the physical streams realized by the joint-stock company" SIBNEFTEPROVOD" are ways of achievement of these is more whole, the available capacities coordinated with and adapted for the current situation.

Practice of modeling of difficult models of factorial systems uses a method of expansion of the factorial system providing multiplication of work by one and more entered indicators factors with the subsequent receiving model of factorial system in the form of work of a new set of indicators factors (multiplicative model).

Important task is control of pipelines on existence of cracks and treshchinopodobny defects, including in longitudinal and ring welded joints which can be determined only by magnetic shells of new generation.

For PSH - implementation of the plan for production and sales of products of agriculture, performance of a task on decrease in product cost, existence (lack of overdue receivables, the average number of workers, reserves of materials and the equipment.

On the linear part consisting of actually pipelines with branches and loopings, shutoff valves, transitions through natural and artificial barriers; installations of electrochemical protection; lines of technological communication; constructions of linear service of operation; constant along-route roads and entrances to them; along-route power lines and other objects providing the set oil pumping modes is carried out.

One of important problems consists in increased in connection with sharp falling of production by a gap between the capacity of a network and a real stream of oil that leads to the noticeable growth of specific costs for goods turnover unit. This gap causes necrosis of considerable part of the capital (as is the reason of a low estimate of fund, and high concentration of capacities interferes with adaptation of structure of business assets to the changed conditions. It is impossible to liquidate only part of capacity of the powerful oil pipeline and sootvetstvuyushchuyuy a share of costs. The Neokhodimost of preservation of "excess" capacities is connected not so much with hopes for growth of oil production in the future, how many with the design of a network.