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But as there is no separate, special science about the person, and various disciplines participate in complex research, everything becomes more notable need of integration of sciences about the person in the uniform, almost focused system.

The enriched knowledge, experience of life and wisdom, the increase in normal social life expectancy due to restriction and full replacement in the future of pathological social aging is represented progressive process both concerning individuals, and concerning human society in general.

Unfortunately it is necessary to recognize that in our society the period of domination of authoritative and bureaucratic system aloof forms of life were widely adopted. Their eradication will demand a lot of time and serious multidimensional (!) work on reorganization of all spheres of life of society.

But in principle also the meaning of life of society, mankind in general which they realize, however, in historically ambiguous forms is same. The measure of this unity, unequal at different stages of history and in different socioeconomic structures, also determines the value of human life. This measure is not transpersonal or nadobshchestvenny, but dialectically unites the purposes and meaning of life of the personality and society, and they can contradict in the socioeconomic conditions alienating the person and more and more to coincide in the course of formation of new, humanitarian and democratic society.

Such understanding of sense and value of human life is guided by the doctrine about social essence of the person. The behavior of the personality is defined by social, social and ethical and moral and humanistic factors which are its regulators.

What attracts in them the modern person which consciousness is daily (!) and hourly (!) sated with the concepts and images arising under the influence of scientific and technical revolution, gerontology, projects of radical reorganization of human nature, boundless increase in duration of his life, immortality?